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2008/03/05 · It is possible to cast love spells on people, it can be done using an alter, an alter protects you from the energies of the spell. You do the spell by following the instructions of the specific spell, there are different types of. 2017/12/02 · Well, kind of yes. Not kind-of work, but kind-of love spells. If you're going to cast a proper love spell, you absolutely have to do two things. You have to a use the stuff that actually works and b accept that sometimes. 2007/03/22 · spells work. but i will not give you a love spell, that would be considered Black Magic by most. it interfers with his free will. however there are several rituals and spells that will remove negative energy from your life and. 2007/04/25 · I just want to know if anyone believes if it's possible to cast a spell on someone to make them extremely infatuated. Just wondering. Prince William gets new royal title from the queen.

2008/06/30 · I lost my ex girlfriend in february and 4 weeks later she got with someone else. i went mad with her for doing this and im pretty sure she now hates me, i know she loved me at some point and we got on so well together. so does anyone know where i can get a love spell done to try to get her back in my life? preferably free of charge if possible? i had a argument with her last night too, because. 2007/05/23 · Has anyone ever heard of any of these online love spells actually working? I'm doing some research because I think theyre scams and was wondering if anyone had any personal experiences with them, good or bad.

2006/09/21 · i need an opinion on love spells. i have a friend who is really in love with this guy and he claims that he loves her too. they cant be together because of religion. she is considering a relationship spell. do these things really. 2007/05/04 · Love spells absolutely work, but not always in ways you'd expect. I would never cast a spell to make someone love me, as that's messing with free will and is harmful to the person and yourself. There are only two types.

2007/06/12 · love spells that are made to attract a certain person, those dont work ever the way you want them to. somewhere in the back of your mind, you will always know its not real love and the work of a spell. so no, those dont work. 2015/11/30 · Besides, love spells do not make happy relationships. 0 0 2 Log in to reply to the answers Post Obi Wan Knievel Lv 7 4 years ago If you want real results, you have to use the spells that really work. Collecting herbs and flowers. 2013/05/19 · Merry meet, love spells is very real. Many spells in general can be performed by the person who require them and love spells are not different. It is your energy and passion that is linked with the spells which make them.

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